DRAKON Editor 1.8 Gameplay
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Автор:  Владимир Паронджанов [ Вторник, 11 Декабрь, 2018 10:35 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  DRAKON Editor 1.8 Gameplay

DRAKON Editor 1.8 Gameplay



DRAKON Editor's user experience is optimized specifically for DRAKON charts:

1. Snap to grid is done right, so there is no need to do pixel hunting connecting things together.

2. Icons are easy to center on the lines.

3. Lines are always either strictly vertical or strictly horizontal, there is no problem of lines that are "one pixel not vertical".

4. If you press Shift when dragging an element, it will push other elements on its way. It allows modifying the geometry of the chart without changing its topology (how icons are connected).

5. Resizing an icon keeps its center fixed.

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