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 Заголовок сообщения: DRAKON-AutoHotkey: Space programs programming technology and
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Space programs programming technology
and AutoHotkey

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DRAKON-AutoHotkey: Space programs programming technology and AutoHotkey

DRAKON (Russian: ДРАКОН, backronym for Дружелюбный Русский Алгоритмический язык, Который Обеспечивает Наглядность, "friendly Russian algorithmic language that guarantees clarity") is an algorithmic visual programming language developed within the Buran space project. Its development started in 1986 and was directed by Vladimir Parondzhanov with the participation of Russian Federal Space Agency (Academician Pilyugin Center, Moscow) and Russian Academy of Sciences (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics). DRAKON is used in many major space programs: an international project Sea Launch, Russian orbit insertion upper stage Fregat (Russian: Фрегат, frigate), upgraded heavy launch vehicle Proton-M, etc. DRAKON is also used in medicine, law, business processes and in other non-programming related fields.

In DRAKON clarity is above all. DRAKON is made as much ergonomic as possible, as much human readable as possible. DRAKON makes possible to create diagrams that are cognitively optimized for easy comprehension, making it a tool for intelligence augmentation.

Why to use DRAKON than other diagramming systems?
No line intersections. You will never find in DRAKON diagram two or more lines intersecting each other! Not seen in other diagramming systems!
Silhouette structure. It allows to break one diagram in to several logical parts. Not seen in other diagramming systems!
No slanting or curved lines. Only straight lines with right angles.
Icons are placed only on vertical lines.
Branching is done in a simple, visible and consistent way.
Each diagram has one entry and one exit.

Learn DRAKON here:


So why this thread is here?
Because it is possible to generate AutoHotkey code form DRAKON diagrams.
There are several software that can create DRAKON diagrams. But generation of AutoHotkey code from DRAKON diagrams currently possible only with DRAKON Editor. DRAKON Editor main developer is Stepan Mitkin. AutoHotkey code generator for DRAKON Editor is created by me.
Warning: At the moment code generation for AutoHotkey is on beta stage of development and some details is subject to change!
DRAKON Editor is free, open source and multiplatform tool for creating DRAKON diagrams and generating code from them. In most part DRAKON Editor is developed using DRAKON system. DRAKON Editor also supports code generation for other programming languages: Java, Processing.org, D, C#, C/C++ (with Qt support), Python, Tcl, Javascript, Lua and Erlang.

Homepage of DRAKON Editor: http://drakon-editor.sourceforge.net/
GitHub of DRAKON Editor: http://github.com/st.../drakon_editor/

How to install DRAKON Editor:
1) Download and install latest version of ActiveTcl Free version from here: http://www.activestate.com/activetcl
2) Download and unpack in any location latest version of DRAKON Editor form here: http://drakon-editor....html#downloads
3) In the unpacked folder launch DRAKON Editor by double clicking drakon_editor.tcl file.

How to add AutoHotkey code generation support to DRAKON Editor:
Download AutoHotkey code generator.zip from here: https://mega.co.nz/#...-V7W8edAN2fLUkc and unpack it to \generators folder of DRAKON Editor.

How to use DRAKON Editor with AutoHotkey:
Download and read documentation in Documentation.zip from here: https://mega.co.nz/#...77t8lhULkIfTU8U .

There is no working Foreach loop in beta version. It can be added later if there will be demand for it. Don’t try to use it until it officially added to prevent unexpected behaviour!
Please post your ideas how it might look Foreach loop for AutoHotkey.

Please give me your feedback about AutoHotkey code generation. What you think about it? What you think need to be changed? What you think need to be added? Is there any bugs?

There is also another thread about DRAKON-AutoHotkey: http://ahkscript.org...&t=3108&p=15537

Ask any questions you want related to DRAKON, using DRAKON Editor and AutoHotkey code generation in here or in main thread: http://ahkscript.org....php?f=6&t=3108 . I will be glad to help you as much as I can.

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