DRAKON language and Ruby on Rails
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Автор:  Владимир Паронджанов [ Среда, 20 Сентябрь, 2017 14:10 ]
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DRAKON language and Ruby on Rails

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DRAKON the Codinator - Visual Programming Language

For a recent job challenge, I was given a list of potential topics to write. The one that caught my eye was called “A tour of DRAKON.” I had no idea what it was, but the name sounded cool. It even means dragon in Russian! So that’s what I went with.
Let me present you with diagrams:

What you’re looking are DRAKON flowcharts. Hopefully it makes sense and is simple enough to understand. In fact it was created with readability in mind by the Russians in 1986 for a space project. There are numerous existing visual programming languages out there, but DRAKON stands out.
A major issue with languages is that they are difficult to understand and all over the place. Understanding something can be quite time consuming; and time is the most valuable resource. Hence, DRAKON aimed to resolve this issue by making programs easily understandable. There are a number of ways in which DRAKON does this.
The main way is by stating very specific conventions. Everything is laid out in a way so that the user knows where to look. For example the easiest route/best case is always the on the left, where as issues you might encounter go further right. The worst case scenario is listed on the far right. As you can see from my diagram, the best case scenario would be if I already knew about DRAKON and did not have to learn about it. This clarity helps the reader get to the point quickly and figure out the primary purpose of the program.

The reliance on convention reminds me very much of something I’ve worked with a lot recently, Ruby on Rails. We can see the huge advantages acquired due to the conventions followed by Rails. It’s quick to build quite a few things and easy to understand other Rails projects. Of course you can stray from conventions, but that will make it more difficult for other people to understand.

DRAKON is the same. By following conventions, an external reader can hopefully look at it and figure out what’s going on with ease. In addition to being visually appealing, it’s also mathematically strict, which means that it can represent any algorithm. I’ve neglected to use all possible syntax in my example, but there are representations for a variety of other things such as loops and switch statements. I’ll include additional resources at the bottom.
Imagine a world where every program is easy to understand, even by non-programmers. That’s the world DRAKON tries to create. Apparently there are DRAKON-C, DRAKON-Java which can be run, although I personally have not tried them yet myself. I’m not sure visual programming will take over anytime soon (and this has been around since 1986), but I can say it would be nice to save my fingers from some keystrokes from time to time.

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