Unity3D and Drakon visual programming + Huge thank you!
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Автор:  Mark Grizenko [ Вторник, 03 Январь, 2017 07:00 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Unity3D and Drakon visual programming + Huge thank you!


I would like to personally thank Владимир Паронджанов and other contributors for continuing the development of the most excellent visual language - Drakon. It truly has great clarity and depth of potential expression of thought.

I'm using Unity3D game engine to develop apps and games - untill now I've been using 'uScript' visual scripting language for Unity and wil soon be moving onto 'Nottorus' visual scripting system in order to re-wright my recently released app. Drakon has been very useful in organising my thoughts during my recent projects.

I'm currently doing a 3 months personal challenge to learn to code. I would like to learn C# language with the help of Drakon and also explore the possibility of integrating Drakon graphs and C# generation into Unity3D. Virtual Reality is here and having a Drakon editor in VR is what I'm really thinking about now! If anyone is interested in collaborating on this idea, that would be awesome!

My visual scripting experience journey until now is: Scratch MIT, Snap!/Byob, a little StarLogo TNG, PlayMaker and uScript.

Thank you

Автор:  Olegar [ Вторник, 24 Январь, 2017 02:29 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Unity3D and Drakon visual programming + Huge thank you!

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum. Glad you find Drakon useful. Attaching my attempt at representing the Unity engine logic in Drakon with Integrator data and reference arrows. Please feel free to share your examples on the forum.
I also have a 'game' application in Unity in C# visualized in Drakon.

Thanks and best regards,
Oleg Garipov

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