Edition notice of my book about the DRAKON language
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Автор:  Владимир Паронджанов [ Понедельник, 08 Декабрь, 2014 19:48 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Edition notice of my book about the DRAKON language

Dear colleagues, here is an annotation (edition notice) of my book about the DRAKON language. I ask you to criticize this text.

Vladimir Parondzhanov. Learn to write, read and understand algorithms. Algorithms for clear thinking. Using DRAKON-charts for “understanding at a glance.” Basics of algorithmization. — Translation from Russian.

Edition notice

How to make algorithms easy-to-understand? How to make friendly algorithms an enjoyable part of your life? New ideas and achievements useful for everyday practice are presented, which help to understand algorithms easily and quickly. Main concepts and techniques of people-friendly algorithmization are provided in a systematic way. Practical standards and procedures are described and carefully explained in detail. A modern, practice-oriented course, accessible for active people, like yourself, allow you to speed up significantly the design, analysis and verification of algorithms and processes, to facilitate the development of business-processes, medical algorithms and any other complex activity.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual learning by clear and humorous examples is applied. The reader quickly becomes accustomed to independent meaningful design of algorithms.

Intelligible and attractive drawings of algorithms (DRAKON-charts) are used to help you to master the material. The graphical language DRAKON is a surprising gift from the Russian space industry, from the Russian space shuttle. There is an abundance of witty evocative illustrations. Almost three hundred pleasing algorithmic pictures created on the principle: “One has looked — and has understood at once” will help the reader immensely.

For students, teachers and faculty in any areas, who like people-friendly algorithms, how-to’s and workflows, and do not like (or even hate) programming.

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